Saturday, July 25, 2009

a wedding

today a wedding of friends took place @ our church. i took the above photo. one of over a hundred. i wasn't the professional photographer, but i was given permission to shoot sum photos. the pro photographer, a member of our church & another friend of mine, said i could be his assistant. i got to see sum of his 300+photos he shot and he downloaded mine to his computer to use sum photos for his project for the newlywed couple. anyways, i had loads of fun. after 2 days this week of shooting photos, i'm thinking i should become a professional. i enjoyed it sooooo much this week. maybe i could learn from our pro photographer. he calls me his assistant anyways. he also lent me one of his flashes, one similar to the one i'm going to buy from his store ($300). so far it's looking good i'll get to buy it in a few weeks. i could really tell the difference with that flash vs my pop-up that's already on the camera. the lighting is sooo much better being able to bounce the light off the ceiling. so i'm going 2 count my pennies until i buy this new flash. i'm sooo excited. what a great day!!...btw, the minister above is our minister Rev Julie whom i've mentioned occasionally in this journal. she rocks! as far as i'm concerned (probably lots of others too). anyways, although i had to clean up after the reception and all to get the place ready for Sunday Services, i was flying on a lot of JOY from a great day!!!

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