Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thanks Martha!

I want to THANK Martha @ Menagerie for sending me sum instructions on how to link. I sooo much appreciate it...and it's so easy. now I know. I just couldn't ever figured it out. now i have new tools to play with:-)....anyways, the above photo is @ Chimayo. once there you will see crosses all over the places. these were on a tree there. they are also all over the fences. there's a shrine too which i will post photos of that too soon. as you can see there are sum just plane simple crosses made of sticks. there's loads of those too everywhere. sum of the larger crosses have names on them. the whole place is really a shrine in itself. again i love the energy there. it is a blessed place.


Martha said...

Cool photo!
I was happy to help :-)

Robin said...

What a neat place, would love to see it in person!