Wednesday, July 15, 2009

color carnival #10

...alas, i have returned. maybe i can make daily entries for awhile to make up for lost time. anyways, all is well. i took the above photo @ church while taking photos of the kids. i've been taking photos @ church so they can use them for our website. they're recreating it and i hope it's up soon. once so, if you want to check it out, i'll post the link here....the past few weeks have been enlightening for me in many ways. i haven't been doing much on the internet nor watching tv, only sitting in the quiet and working. knot watching much tv nowadays i've decided to stop my cable television. i also learned how to be on this ocmputer for just the time i needed in lieu of hours on end. it's been refreshing. i can get so much more done. and i can enjoy my books more easily without tv or radio. the quiet is so much more rewarding for me. i do listen to a little music but only for a little while. i even pulled out John Denver. his song will be the first i learn on the guitar. i hope to be doing guitar lessons soon. anyways, life is good. i am grateful for changes i am making in this moment. i am blessed.


Martha said...

Nice to see you back! I don't watch TV either. I prefer silence as well. I know how refreshing it is to step away from the computer too - it can become totally consuming. But it is nice to see you popping in here. Thanks for playing along at the Color Carnival :-)

srp said...

Lovely crayons, very nice shot.
I try not to watch too much... sometimes have some soft music on in the background while I'm reading or writing. Not much of the TV fare is very uplifting.

Ebie said...

Very colorful and this is a fun idea for the kids, especially during sunday school. There's always a "me" time for me. I do not watch a lot of TV but I keep it on just to keep a little noise in the house. I have not been reading for a while. Have a great week.
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