Sunday, July 19, 2009

back 2 work

alas, i'm headed back 2 work this week. worked today but i had already planned that. knot much happening on the home front, so decided to work a few days this week. but there's hope on the horizon as a friend and i plan once again our trip to Chimayo. knock on wood we'll get there this thursday (otherwise i'll work that night too) right now i could use a road trip to get away for a day. i've been struggling with some personal insights and i need a break from them. so a road trip to shoot photos is on the agenda. i haven't been hiking since i took the week of except once. ya know how it goes, plan and something else comes up. i have managed to get some things done around my hovel here, so it's all good....but for now i need a nap. then i'll wake and start on another project-my second bedroom. then there are more books to read and read again. i bought 2 more today, like i really kneeded anyways, the heat is on and all i want to do is sleep. rain is headed our way, i pray it comes sooner than later. i know knot ever happy with the weather...darn


Anne said...

You are like me..........I love to be surrounded by books. I am never alone. Anne

Julie said...

I have books all over also, always reading something. I have blight on my tomatoes from all our rain.