Wednesday, July 29, 2009

chili ristras

one day i want 2 buy one of these ristras. these are common here in NM. i finally looked at the price on these and they're more than i had imagined...or they've gone up in price so much since i checked years ago. the question now is do i really want to spend the money on one to hang outside here on my apartment taking a chance it'll get stolen. something to contemplate. right now my money goes

it's a rainy night. clouds rolled in with thunder and lightening attached this afternoon. has cooled things off for a tidbit anyways. if i hadn't had to be at work this afternoon, i wood have grab my camera and chased sum storms, knot that i would have gone far. maybe another day soon. knot much rain this summer as in seasons past. but maybe the monsoon is slowly creeping in here. only time will tell as days unfold. anyways, always thought it'd be a neat idea to try and shoot lightening. i remembered lately while looking at other photos of lightening. could be fun just trying. so i'll keep that in mind as we roll into august. maybe i'll catch a strike....


Robin said...

When we lived in NM I swore I would buy one before we moved...never did. They are lovely, aren't they?

Rose said...

I never saw a ristra before. I like them...very interesting.

Would they survive in Florida do you know?

Hugs, Rose