Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a sunset

knot long ago i went shootin' a sunset. this was one captured. the bugs were eatin me alive but i stuck it out. it wasn't the type sunset i wanted but i needed the practice. what i realized later while lookin at my sunset photos was that the camera had been reset. recently my photos haven't been turning out as i'd like and in so discovering more about my camera, i'm just learning more about my camera. different settings on the back of the camera i can use i.e. setting the brightness. this shot the area mode had been reset somehow, probably moving the camera in & out of my bag. i have 3 options on this mode and this was knot the one i wanted. the photo is ok, but i know it could be better. so i'll be back out taking more sunset photos. this evening in particular didn't have any clouds in the sky for often times the reflection of the sunset on the clouds make it so gorgeous. i see those sunsets often right outside my hovel here but as i learned on taking them from here, there are major wires across the view which are a distraction. so in time i'll capture those sunsets without the wires. can't look tonight, but maybe manana. i'm finally off on that road trip tomorrow to Chimayo with a friend. going to play a lot with my camera even shooting all in manual. should be loads of fun and i'll let you know how the photos turn out. so until tomorrow evening....have a good one.


Martha said...

I think this one is great! Can't wait to see more :-)

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

This shot is lovely! U seems a very smart photographer, Lady.

Hope you have a wonderful and blissful Wednesday.

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