Saturday, June 13, 2009

face is burnin'

O what a day! spent all day @ Sandy's for her estate sale here in town for more of Jesse's stuff. and boy did we sell loads today! the sale started @ 8am but i heard people were there at 6:30am. Sandy wouldn't sell a thing nor give out prices until 8 thank goodness. think i arrived at 7:30 to help out and there were loads of people waiting. her garage was stacked wall to wall with more of his stuff. so much so you coudn't walk in there literally. not one step available. and it's a 2 car garage. when we reloaded this afternoon, you could see the garage and walk in it for once in months. i was there all day til we wrapped up and closed the garage doors. sat in the sun but despite a hat for half the day, my face and forearms got red. it was a bit overcast but i tend to forget on those days the sun burns that much more easily. i survived. had to take a wet rag to my face once i got home. then i felt the heat. anyways, it was a good day. of course i can home with more stuff. little stuff this time except for one piece of art which i'll go pick up next week. i did get one of his carvings. he carved stone, but this piece was wood of a buffalo made out of a tree limb. the tail is barely hanging on, but hey i like it. it was all good today. a great way to spend sum time with friends at church.
once i got home, i relaxed for a bit. i was even too tired to type on here until now. so once re-engergized, i decided to put my motorcycle on craigs list again. i brought down the price after learning i had a lot of miles on it. didn't think it was too many miles, but the guys at the shop told me yesterday i had lots. so anyways, the idea of selling it is to prepare in case i lose sum of my govt benefits. i'll pay a bill or two off with the money and will cut some major debt. i'd rather prepare now in lieu of just keeping my head above water laterz. so, will see if it sells now. it's been a blast, but i need to use sum wisdom here. only time will tell of what my future holds. i still have my jeep and still can have loads of fun with it. it's been parked these past 4 summers because i've been on the bike. need the car over the bike first....i bought a lottery ticket tonight. i'm prayin' i i'm going for the gold!! will find it someway somehow, just as long it shows up!! i'm keeping my head up despite the blues hangin around. now it's time to rest before church tomorrow. goodness what a day!


Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

It sounds you had a cool and fun day, huh?

Hope you have an enjoyable w/end and a blissful week to come.

Hugs as always,

Julie said...

We bought a lottery ticket to, LOL. May we both strike it rich. Just won't hold my breath. Sounds like a fun day. Remember your sun screen