Tuesday, June 16, 2009

lol..a trade

so, last nite i get a text message from some guy wanting to know if i'd trade for his truck. he sent a pic and i thought hmm, a truck, that would be nice for the church. but the catch is i'd have to take over payments. LOL i told him no thank you and why i was sellin' my bike to begin with, which was the reason he was trading/selling his truck...lol we both laughed....so anyway, i'm ridin' my bike over here to church this morn and i ask myself, are you crazy karen? too much fun on the bike. ok i am crazy. it's official. so i guess i've gotta keep up that rep. at least for now regarding this bike. i do..i don't.. want to sell it. yep i'm insane....lol now if i'd win that lottery, it'd take care of everything!


Julie said...

I think your destined to be together. Good laugh on the truck.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

He he...cool!

Hope you have a wonderful evening and hope you visit me on the w/end to join my contest on my bloggie BDAY!