Thursday, June 11, 2009

good day after all!

turned out to be a good day after all. went to work early to put together our new vacuum. it arrived today. then vacuumed since it was the day to do so. it worked really good. happy 'bout that. there was only one meeting tonight, so i got to come home early. woo hoo!! but being @work just really help me take my mind off troubles. it also relaxed and calmed me down. i'm just going to focus on NOW and not worry about something that may knot happen regarding my benefits. only time will tell about that. i have plan A, B, C & more ready should i lose some of my benefits. right now i just want to focus on other things and enjoy myself. working today put me in the right mood for that. sittin' listenin to music right now and will open my book to read in a second. the sun came out too with a wind but it turned out nice. onto a better tomorrow. much to do this weekend. more to keep my mind occupied. LIfe goes on....all is still good.

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