Tuesday, June 23, 2009

wunderful dinner

so tonite i had a wunderful dinner at sum new friends' house. that would be our Youth Minister and her husband's place. they're vegetarians and dinner was delicious. i do like vegetarian dishes from time to time. nice change of pace. so we sat outside while a storm was brewing until it started to rain. once inside they showed us his work, an original computer programming design he created and is working on 2 accounts overseas. it was a lovely evening. got so relaxed i started yawning early. their youthful energy was a great pleasure to be around. we talked sum church, but lots of other things too. she manages our bookstore/gift shop and told me they've sold a lot of my knote kards lately. so we'll check to see if i need to make anymore or not. also they reminded me that anyone with a camera can go in and take photos of the church and activities. photos are needed for our new website so i told them as soon as i get a new flash..which might be next week...i'll go and take sum photos. actually will start tomorrow with just outside photos of our building. we have no photos of this place since we moved in 2 yrs ago. so, it'll be lots of fun shooting photos-as long as i don't put any pressure on myself. sometimes i do that and don't like what i shoot. so anyways, i'll intend to just go have fun. once i get the flash, i'll go inside...i'm always up to more photo shooting. could possibly use sum of them for sum of the memes here as well....anyways, i'm tired for sum reason...maybe the rain. today was good. i know tomorrow will be even better...

p.s. i decided to post another Balloon Fiesta photo. looking at them lately, i like what i've captured in sum of the photos.

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