Wednesday, June 24, 2009

an adjustment in photoshop

this is from Tent Rocks. i played in Adobe Photoshop with it this morn to dim the lighting. from the middle to the right side of this photo was whitewashed. i like the contrast too that came forth after adjusting it. interesting tho, i need to play in adobe photoshop more so i can remember how to get there from here..point A> this was only my second time in it. would love to play all day on here today but need to do a few things before work tonight. so i'll think of a day each week to go play in it so i can get the hang of it and learn all that it encompasses. anyways, hope you enjoy the photo! have a great one!


Julie said...

Cool photos. I like playing with my photos also.

Martha said...

I like the photo - I think I'm the only one who still doesn't have photoshop!