Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new template

alas, a new template for my blog. did this after reading Julia's journal this morn just to see if I'd want a different image going into the New Year. so how do you like it? I'm really partial to the old one, Minima Dark, with the black background but will try this look for awhile anyways. we'll see how long I keep
...anyways, still taking Life in the slow lane. will be headed out to see sum movies in a few days. Avatar is first on the list. then possibly Sherlock Holmes, Invictus or Blind Side. has anyone seen these movies yet? I've heard good things about at least 3 of the 4 here. I'll know in time. I know me and my love for books nowadays. let's see if the movies can live up to their hype for me. in the meantime, I'm on my third book in less than 2 weeks. nice change of pace to really relax and knot worry about work. been asking how soon could i really retire from all work, woodn't that be the luxury...ha! hmmm, maybe sooner than later. let's see how life unfolds for me this coming new year. it's a good life nonetheless. I am in the slow lane compared to my postal days of old. I am very grateful for that.... the meantime, I got a new cell phone. knot that i really needed a new phone, but the ads in my email finally caught my attention. but i Love this new phone. it has a keyboard for one. lots easier to type text messages with it and i have 2 people at least i text often, very often. my phone i've learned also talks to me when someone calls or texts me. it says, 'get your phone...then it says the name(s) of who's calling or texting'. didn't understand what it was saying at first, but finally caught it. after it says all that, then it starts ringing.! but one of the bigger changes here, is i finally feel like i've got a phone in my other was soooo small. needless to say, I'm happy I spent the extra $100 for the phone plus accessories. Life is Good all the time right now. let's hope it continues for the New Year!


Julie said...

This looks good. On my photo one I have a dark background but not completely. No middle column but all my info is at the bottom. Maybe I will do that

Indigo said...

Looking good hon. Wanted to wish you a wonderous journey into the next decade. Happy New Years! (Hugs)Indigo