Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

alas, the New Year is upon us. it's New Year's Eve and I'm stayin' home and rockin', if I rock at came in from outside wearing my sandals WITH SOCKS and my toes are cold. I was reminded of last week this time in Old Town with friends when it was below 30degrees and we saw a Monk, we presumed, wearing his sandals with no socks. I have no clue how he did that as cold as it was. Nor any clue of the guy I saw only 2 days later when it was 20 degrees outside and he was in his shorts and sandals, no socks.....brrrrrr. I wonder if these 2 guys are orginally from the North Pole or something. but to each their own beat, their own drummer. just too damn cold for me with clothes on, let alone
...anyways, I'm bringing the New Year quietly as usual. I'll probably be snugged in my bed upon its arrival. today I've been draggin' ass all day in part due to the slightest hangover from a TALL beer @ happy hour with friends last night. we drank as the snow fell again leaving a few inches that stayed with us today. the norm for here is it snows, then melts within a few hours; however, the weather has been COLD more consistantly than the norm for our winters. the snow is beautiful and still knot enough in the city to cause any harm, thank goodness. but I'm ready for our usual mid 40s-50s highs to return. makes winter easier to live with. but for now, I stay cuddled in my hovel with a book and my doggies. Life is still Good in the slow lane.....'s Hoping you have a wonderful and grand New Year!

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