Thursday, February 18, 2010

the Olympics!...GO USA!!!

so I've been watchin' sum of the Olympics. yesterday was a GREAT day for the USA. it was a pleasant evening to watch last night although I knew 2 of the Gold Medals won b4 seeing it on TV. my only complaint in watching the Olympics is it's a delayed broadcast. I'd rather watch it LIVE!!! makes for more intensity and excitement. but b4 I knew the Halfpipe was a delayed broadcast, I really got into watching it. for years I heard about the hype surrounding Shaun White (pictured above), but had yet to see him in action. OMG!! after his first run, I immediately saw why he is the BEST!!!! God not only did he nail his event, he topped it off with a victory run which was even better. he was soooooo HIGH above that halfpipe while doing his stunts, I swear he was going to fall, but he didn't. these snowboarders who do this halfpipe are tremendous athletes for all the twists and turns and speed and height for which they compel themselves to do. I was totally amazed. so now Shaun White is my new hero knot just because of his awesome talent but I absolutely LOVE his RED hair. red long hair. so I'm using his visuals to get my hair grown that month down, another 11 months to go I presume that will be how long it takes me to get it there. wish me luck. and enjoy the Olympics. it's been nice to revisit them this year although I usually forgo the Winter Olympics. this time it's very refreshing for me. it's a blast! I'm lovin' it.....

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