Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Enough already!

I was wondering.....

When the hell is spring coming?

this came via email a few days ago. it's really how i'm feelin' at the moment. the sun poked her head out yesterday but i woke to more snow and a cold day despite the sunshine. i'm ready for winter to be over. ready for a new season to begin anew. where i don't know. i'm feelin' lost in my journey especially my spiritual journey at the moment. paddling upstream but don't know where i'm going. maybe the journey is now all the Unknown? i have no clue really, but i think i should have sum control over my destiny? or do i...maybe it's Spirit who really does the leading. only time will tell...

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Cheryl Patterson said...

Hi KBear,

I understand how you feel about the confusion of your destination-paddling upstream.

It's been a crazy few years for me (too much stuff to try and catch up with) and I'm waiting for things to stop happening, so that I can create a new normal. You're not alone!

And I too am looking forward to Spring. Just's next month! And even better...that's only in a few days-Feb ends on Sunday! So, something for us to look forward to.

In the meantime, all the best to you. And feel free to email me anytime.


Rose said...

It is 35 degrees here in South Florida this morning! We have had a very unusual winter this year.


Hugs, Rose