Friday, February 19, 2010

Where's the Hockey????

so I continue to watch The Olympics, but my question is WHERE'S THE HOCKEY???? figure skating seems to be dominating the network it isn't one of my favs. although there was a time I enjoyed figure skating, I threw it out with the bath water a very long time ago..decades ago I think. I just feel the judging is to subjective and it is knot fairly judged. I think there are favorites that usually win based on history and many different reasons. also why I through out gymnastics in the Olympics as well with the bath water. so I enjoy Hockey, knot that I watch it often. but when it comes time for The Olympics I do watch it ever since the 1980's game when we beat Russia. maybe I should find me a pro team to route for and enjoy it then. I did get to see it live watching a minor team in Spokane WA years ago in my 20s. That was more exciting than on TV. Ok, I call myself a retired Jock. I like living on the edge and the Olympics always gives me that thrill. my edge has slowed down a bit since aging, but it's still very much there. the Halfpipe reminded me. so enough of the figure skating!!! BRING ON THE HOCKEY!!!!

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Dona said...

Hey Karen...check out the listings for other NBC stations...MSNBC & CNBC. men's Czech Republic vs Latvia tonight on CNBC (channel 208 on Dish).