Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's Complicated

I woke this morn to more snow. yesterday it had rained only to begin snowing as I came out of the theater last night. there's more than what this photo shows and it's beautiful all over again....
anyways, this entry is about the movie It's Complicated. saw it last night and it was hilarious. to borrow a line from my friend who suggested the movie, 'I never laughed so much and hard' in a long time. so if you need sum laughs, go see this movie. it's cute but just too funny. it was just what I needed after the recent days. I woke this morn still laughing with a light heart. hope it carries me through the day. I have an appointment with our minister this afternoon about sum serious stuff and I hope my light heart will make it easier. It's all Good...., the Super Bowl is only 3 days away. who are you cheering for? I'm thinking the Colts will win, but I will root for the Saints to bring an upset. that would be the icing on the cake for the city of New Orleans. regardless of who wins, the Saints have done sum amazing things for the city. may the best team win! I'll be headed to new friends' house for the game. apparently they invited about 30 guests. I hope they have a big house. don't think I've ever been to such a Big Super Bowl party as this. should be loads of fun, which I need lots of nowadays. anyhow, here's hoping everyone has a Super Weekend!


Julie said...

I like movies that make me laugh so will check it out. Have fun at the party.

Indigo said...

Thanks for the movie recommendation I'll have to check it out when it comes out in DVD. Loved the picture with the snow. Living in NY you would think I'd be sick of it by now. Hope your day stayed lighthearted.

As for the superbowl, thankfully no one in my house is a fan of football. So I imagine it'll be a day of renting movies. (Hugs)Indigo