Saturday, October 4, 2008

Good News!

goodness as i was adding more photos to Picasa Web, i remembered i forgot to share a little bit of good news with you a couple days ago i was in the bookstore at church purchasing books for my class and aha i had forgotten that i was selling my photo note cards there so i went over to the stand and lo & behold they're selling i asked if i could put some more up and Anne said yes (person in charge of that aspect of the bookstore) she said i could fill up the vacant spots so i counted thus far i've sold 15 note kards (my spelling) that's awesome to me it aint' big bucks and i haven't even gotten paid for them yet, but that's ok my main objective is for more people to enjoy my photos boy did this make me smile and since i'm going to the Balloon Fiesta tomorrow, i'll wait to make more kards afterwards so i can use some of those photos i'll also make some of fall foliage i took a year or so ago as well as the recent antique cards i shot at the fair add something new for their choices anyways i'm a happy camper...well for the most part i'm still a bit exhausted from working so much i'm still easily irritated my dog Boo daily barks in my ear while i sit here at the computer that has really been getting on my nerves so much so i want to tell her she writing a chapter in Murder She Wrote i'd jokingly use that phrase years back when i was really frustrated with my four-legged kids i don't even think it nowadays and i recognize (as i did then) it was just me being grumpy i'm still a little grumpy now i know my kids are just being their puppy selves as Boo is being her normal barking dog at times can't put her out at 5 in the mornin, she'll wake the neighbors but she finally laid down and is quiet at the moment i need to get back to bed for a little more sleep another long day for me ahead today and i don't know how long it will be-ugh it's all good things i need and want to do there's just a possible variable that i'll be working at the church from noon til 10pm tonite if George doesn't show up i'm saying a little prayer he does make it he didn't make it for his first night the other day, so we're be cautious so i'm off for a few more zzzzzzs!....p.s. as i was in the shower (i coudln't go back to sleep) i realized that 15 photos may not sound much, but it hit me that's actually half of what i put out the rack only holds 34 cards and i put 33 on it so this is real good news for me i'm so grateful when others appreciate my photos especially since i'm so critical of them sometimes not as much anymore, but it's nice to know others appreciate one of my passions which is photography..and btw, if any of you would like a note kard or an enlargement of one of my photos just send me your request via my email ( and i'll send it to you!

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