Friday, October 3, 2008


hmm, it's friday morn thank goodness i think i start my new job at the church this evening ( it hasn't totally hit me yet that i no longer work at the store) but first thing this morn @ 10am, i have a staff meeting to meet one of our new minister candidates for the next 3 weekends we have new candidates coming in not only to give us our sunday services, but giving a workshop and a q&a session to get to know them better once that's over we get to provide our feedback on that individual somehow that feedback goes into deciding who will be our next minister i'm lookin forward to this anxious to see what kind of leadership they may bring to our church it all starts today i'll be at all the events except maybe saturday nite potluck my work schedule is fri-mon i can't wait for my 3days off in a row starting tues it is much needed maybe i'll take a bike ride tuesday that'll depend on whether i get to see Madison, my hiking buddy (see photo right) i asked her mother the other day to see her i just have to wait and see if she calls me she doesn't have a phone i can call her anyways, i'm looking forward to my days off i've been a little blue and in that i was thinking about sellling my motorcycle well as i was riding it yesterday i thought to myself NO Way- unless someone makes me a really great offer but then i don't think so i'm a little blue also about money at the moment and want a quick fix to it, but i don't think i'm really going to sell my bike the money issue will work itself out i just need to be patient and confident with myself all good things come to those who wait! it'll wait...It's a beautiful mornin, but cool i'm loving the cool fall one more thing before i go i learned as we post photos here on our journal they are stored in Picasa Web Albums i found them there, but i still haven't figured out how to do the slideshow i'm determined to figure it out i'll be persistant until i do in the meantime, i'm still learning new things on this blogspot in time i'll know just how to do all the steering here again good things come to those who wait!


Julia said...

Thanks for letting me know about the piccaso album. How do I find that? I was trying to do a photobucket slideshow but it wouldn't work. Good luck in the new job.

Jeannette said...

When you find out all the details about the album, will you please let us know. Have a great weekend.

Indigo said...

I can't imagine you without your motorcycle. I hear you talk about it and it just feels so right for you. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons. Here in upstate NY the leaves are beginning to change in abundance. (Hugs)Indigo