Sunday, October 26, 2008

a new minister

Alas! we have our new minister. well she will be offered the job probably tomorrow. now we wait to see if she'll accept, but i have no doubt she will. she is Rev Julie Interrante. she won by a large margin. what surprises me is my reaction. i'm joyfull, but not ecstatic--yet...maybe i'm just waiting to get off work here and jump up & down for joy. there are workshops taking place at the moment and i haven't had time to digest the news. plus i've made a couple phone calls to inform people i know. so anyways, it'll be a couple months before we totally have Rev Julie on board, but i can wait. she said she'd stop in once or twice a month until her interim minister position is up in January sometime. it'll be great to see her again, a very warm person always coming from the heart. so anyways, as i write, i'm getting ecstatic. i just remembered i need to write someone and let her know. so i'm off..until we meet again...blessings my friends.

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