Tuesday, October 7, 2008

quik note on slideshow

a note...i JUST noticed as i posted my last entry, that my slideshow has added the new photos i've posted on entries here recently wow, i think that's so kewl! that means i really don't have to set up another slideshow with new photos, it just keeps adding them to it so my photos will always be available for viewing. anyways, thought you guys might like to know this tidbit of information if you have any problems with setting up the slideshow, email me @ karebear4x4@aol.com i think i missed steps in my previous writing about setting it up...have a great day!


Jeannette said...

Clever on here. I not figured out how to add a slideshow yet, not with just photos. I did try and a mixture of photos and graphics came up lol. No good.


Melissa said...

Well now, how cool is that! I love good surprises! Good job!