Friday, October 3, 2008

the last lecture

as i mentioned before, i've been reading the last lecture by Randy Pausch well tonite i decided to read more of it lo & behold where i began tonite in the book was a lesson about treating the disease not the symptom it was a story of a woman he knew that was in debt who'd go meditate regularly once a week for a better way to get out of debt Randy of course suggested a part-time job to pay it off in only a few months as he put it, treat the disease=debt, not the symptoms=stress & anxiety the irony of this is my lesson with my own debt here i put out the word to sell my bike to pay off most of my debt although i decided today, or late yesterday, to keep my bike, sure enough i got a phone call this evening from a young guy wanting to buy a bike i got the call before i picked this book up again some would call this coincidence i call it manifesting what i want...sooo....i'm going to show my bike to this guy on tuesday (can't do it any sooner) IF he comes up with the cash for the sum total i really want for the bike, i'll probably sell it to him that sum wood so alleviate some stress and debt significantly then i can focus on one last major bill winter is coming and i can easily save for another bike i love this bike, but i'm not keeping it forever i'm geez, it's a crotch rocket and i'm not riding those for the rest of my life so i'll see if selling the bike will actually manifest if it does great if not great too as i sat after finishing Randy's books, i asked myself what will bring me more joy right now, honoring my obligations or riding the motorcycle the forementioned won that out so, we'll see what happens...
in the meantime, my first nite at the new job was pretty darn good...until i went to close no glitches all night people came and went my assistance was needed sparingly i did get some food from the potluck that took place assisted the new group that started tonite all was going smoothly until i went to that last door the last door was jammed it was going to be my final door in closing as i left the building it was jammed on the bottom plus it wouldn't close up top so i could securely lock it did everything i could but i didn't want to break the window in it-which was basically the entire door so i had to call my new boss and let her know hopefully no one can break in i couldn't open the door outwards nor pull it open from the outside it wouldn't budge i had no clue as to what happened to it so, let's see what i find out tomorrow about the door i pray nothing happens my first night and we got a problem...other than that, i love the new job great way to get some peace and quiet, meditation time if i want, while working this is going to be great ....well time for the sack it's been a long day and i didn't get a nap in today, darn

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