Thursday, October 9, 2008

comments word verification

hello everyone... this is a note about the word verification required when you make comments on someone's journal. i have noted that some people dont have these requirements, others do. Jeannette-Outside Looking In, let me know i had that on my comment page and i didn't even know it. it was automatically set up that way for everyone. it is much easier to not have to do this. so if you don't mind?, could you please disable this feature on your comments page. to get there go to your DASHBOARD first. to the right of your photo are options to click on including SETTINGS, click on SETTINGS. then at the top of that page are tabs such as COMMENTS, EMAILS, etc. click on COMMENTS . as you scroll down you'll find the request for "word verification" . it's in question form. then click on NO. then SAVE SETTINGS. then at the top of the same page, it'll show you that the settings have been updated successfully. Thanks my friends for doing this.


Jeannette said...

Thank you for posting this and passing it on. That is the only way the word will get around. I think most people do not realise they have even got it on. I have sometimes had to make three attempts to post a comment because I got the letters wrong, could not make them out. If everyone spreads the word then soon we will not have to do all that nonsense at all. I do not see it serving any purpose.

Julia said...

I hated the word verification, couldn't read it half the time so I got rid of mine right away. Thanks for letting people know.

Indigo said...

I had mine taken off right from the beginning. Your not really protecting anything and if anything it makes people NOT want to comment. (Hugs)Indigo