Sunday, October 19, 2008

the maize maze

so yesterday, Marsha, her daughter Diana, Madison & I went to the Rio Grande Community Farm for the annual Maize Maze they have each year. this was the first i had ever heard of it and no clue we had this farm. we were given free tickets to us by Marsha's boyfriend. so off we went. it was a fun filled day with lots of laughter. there were a few arts & crafts there which we visited on the way out. the field wasn't big, but we got lost anyways thru the we let Madison lead the way. initially i carried her on my back until she got antsy and wanted out. from there she walked the rest of the way. there "were" signs to give us clues on how to get thru the maze, but the night before the field hand been vandalized and they took all but a couple signs down. we found the first clue and off we went. there were two mazes to choose from, a short and a long one. we chose the short but ended up on the long maze. as we meandered in the maze we kept asking Madison which way to go. she'd point and say "go" and off we went. we kept trying to follow the trail although we did run into a few dead ends. Madison played with stalks along the way just having a blast. Diana got a little anxious and was afraid we wouldn't get out. but Marsha & I reassured her we would. if nothing else we'd walk straight thru the fields and get us out. we did a few rare times do just that to find the right trail to exit. about the time we were giving up, we ran into a family just entering on the long maze entrance. we only had to follow from whence they came and alas we were out. once we were out we headed back to the beginning and the arts& crafts. by then my blisters were hurting...i had bought new desert boots last month but had yet to break them in for hiking or carrying Madison on my back....once back to the arts, we discovered a little maze created out of bales of hay which we introduced to Madison. she had a blast there. she didn't want to come out when it was time to go. Marsha had great joy with Madison all day. she made us laugh often with her pure delight and fun she was having. O to be like a child again would be such bliss! no worries, no cares, just pure freedom in the moment of hearty laughter and play....all in all it was a great day! Madison is contagious:-)

in the meantime, i was reminded that my Boston Red Sox were playing last night. i had forgotten and made plans to see the UNM Women's Volleyball team play last night. well i had to call my friend back and cancel. I don't get to see my Red Sox play often and last night was a DO or DIE situation. well we won!!! will still on our comeback trail to the World Series. we've done it before, we can do it again. i'll be working tonite when the game begins, but i'll be home in time to watch most of it. last nite's game was exciting, but not as exciting as it was thursday nite which i had to read about in the aol news (i had class that nite). so i anxiously await for tonite's game...

in the meantime, today i'll be at church for the last ministeral candidate's talk and working this afternoon. this minister search has truly been an eye opener for me about our congregants. i'm anxious for our final input as to who our minister should be-that happens next sunday. i'm really curious of what i'll find out about our church once we offer the job to someone. there is one candidate i definitely don't want to get the job yet a lot of people liked him. he had a great sense of humor, but he was too funny to me. there were other concerns surrounding him that bothered me. the two women have been very down to earth among other more positive attributes. so, i'll have to wait. who the next minister is "may" affect my decision in becoming a practitioner. as practitioners we are to support our minister. at this moment i could not do that with the funny man. time will write the story as time unfolds...i'll keep you have a wonderful day today! it is a blessed and beautiful time.


Julia said...

That looks like so much fun. I admit to getting anxious in those until I find my way out, LOL. The pictures are great.

Jeannette said...

I am glad you had a good time. I used to love mazes, I am not sure I would these days.