Friday, October 3, 2008

I DID IT!!!!!

finally!!! i figured out how to do the slideshow i finally have my photos in the slideshow-see right-below my kids' photos....anyways, i'm off now to start my new job at the church the day started out great with a staff meeting with a new minister candidate i really really like her thus far tomorrow she does a workshop which i will attend while working there too and the good news, as long as George shows up for the night shift at the church, i get to go see Madison at Marsha's we're going to celebrate Madison's birthday, which is sunday she's going to be 2yrs old God i've missed her! needless to say Marsha and I are ecstatic about getting to spend some time with her i'll keep you posted and i'm taking photos of the birthday girl ....have a great one my friend...and o yes, i decided i'm not selling my bike! too valuable for me...take care HUGZ!!!


Robin said...

Looks WONDERFUL over here, the black background is really going to make your photos pop!!!

Anne said...

So glad you got to your new job. I think it will be very rewarding for you. Can't wait to see your pictures. Anne