Sunday, October 19, 2008

just playin'

so, i'm just playin here with photos
and space..i've shrunk the photos and i'm just writin away about nothings while watchin' my Red Sox anyways, these are more photos from yesterday and our time together. i would think of Madison today and laugh. she's such a delight in my life as you already know. what a blessing she is and i can't say enough about her. i must go see her again soon. probably at her Grammy's house (Marsha's) where i think all of her cars are there. in visiting Marsha's house yesterday, there were nothing but cars of all sizes all over her patio. i laughed knowing it was Madison's own little play area as it usually is....

so, today we had our last ministeral candidate on the podium. she gave a great talk and she was dynamic in the question and answer. after it was all over i pondered some of what she said. she won me over. her spiritual practices included a position of humility every mornin and night on her knees. i loved that. she knows humility, something i've experienced myself. i think it good that we humble ourselves sometime during our journey in life here. it allows us the connection to others that we wouldn't ever experience without humility. i also like what she said about "praying to" God. in our philosophy it is not in our principles to do so. we pray from an affirmative place from within. but in my own personal journey with God, i pray "to" The Source often at times and it works, just as Rev Julie said today. why we must restrict ourselves to one way is beyond me and NOT part of my spiritual practice. also as i was reading some homework for my practitioner class, i wasn't totally agreeing with what was said. i understood it, but i've also learned that we can talk to God anyway we want, and i mean anyway. so these two thoughts from Rev Julie as well a few more really won my vote. now for only our congregation to hear her, or even the other woman candidate. i just flat out don't want a comedian for a my Boston Red Sox are down by 2 runs now and it's the 7th inning. but there is plenty game left. who wins tonite is not upmost important on my mind. just a way to wind down the evening after a day at church. my heart has been filled today with Rev Julie's presence. this week i'll say my prayers for the right minister to be chosen. next week we compare all 3 candidates and vote. then it'll be hopefully no more than one more week after that when we know our choice. it's a democratic process which is a good thing. yet i don't always agree with the presidential elections. i'm not going to necessarily agree with the new minister. i'll keep you posted. my heart has been opened more so lately and i hope it stays that way. one change can make all the difference in that. until we meet again...i give you my blessings!

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Julia said...

I love listening to people who make you think. Sounds like your Rev. Julie does that. Love your pictures.