Friday, October 10, 2008

another glimpse

ok, i can't sleep at the moment so thought i'd load another photo from today for you. just another peek at one of my photos from my road trip. i'm soooo pleased with the photos today. mostly i'm finally believing in my photography and myself again. it's taken 10yrs to get to believing in myself again, i'm ecstatic!! i thank all of you j-lands for enjoying my photos and complimenting me on them. that has been such a great lift to me. picking the pieces up of me since the last psychosis 10yrs ago has been a very long journey, but i've finally have arrived again. retiring from the post office has done me wonders too. i no longer have them knit-pickin me to death daily which only made me feel i was a no good carrier (note they do this to all the mail carriers). and last but not least, coming off prozac this last spring has been the best thing to happen as far as my illness. i feel soooo much better and do so for longer periods of time. it used to be i'd feel a couple of days of joy, then a lot of blues. now i'm feeling a week's worth of joy or longer continually and less blues. i'm finding my place in life again which is being at the church more often and being supported there too. all is going so well with my life except a minor thing or two, but that too will work out fine. i've been HAPPY for a full week now and i'm just elated!! i'm finally feeling great about me. I AM THAT WHICH I AM....can you tell i had a great day today:-)


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