Tuesday, October 7, 2008


another beautiful day on the horizon. the sun just rose in all her beautiful glory. no fiesta today for i've got to be somewhere at 10am with my motorcyle. a young man will be looking at it to see if he wants to buy it. i could use the money, but as i watched others riding yesterday i asked myself do i really want to sell it? we'll see what happens. if it's meant to be, it's meant to be. anyways, i'm meeting him over on the westside at the mall i was recently employed there. i would have had to ride my motorcycle to the fiesta this morn for it's closer to the mall. that would made for a brisk ride and i wasn't sure what kind of terrain i'd be riding on just to park the bike. sometimes you park in a rugged open field just to get to the balloon fiesta. riding in the dark on the bike on that surface could have been dangerous. it was not worth the agony, so i've postponed the fiesta just a bit longer. yet i'm sooo anxious to get out there. definitely going during the week. as i looked at the AOL weather forecast this morn, rain is in the works for this saturday-UGH!!! another possibility of cancellation for the balloons. the weekends are the biggest draw for them and most spectalur of views because so many more balloons take flight. i'll hope for a sunny day sunday.

so anyways, yesterday i got a hike in FINALLY! i went to Gallegos Park and hiked in a tidbit into the mountains surrounding myself with the trees and boulders along the trail. some of the trees have changed color which means they have turned over on the other side of the mountain. this will be great for i have a hike scheduled for our church group on Nov 1st. as of last week, i'm now back as the Hiking Coordinator at our church. i've missed it actually. i'm happy to be back as the leader. so i've planned a hike i took this time last year over there where the fall foliage is just beautiful. it's a short hike, but needless to say worth the trek. i'm lookin forward to the adventures again!

now a short note. i may not be here as often as i'd like this month. with the new minister candidates in, i'm busy as all get out over the weekends, fri-mon. this last weekend was overwhelming. also with my new class i'm taking, i must spend about 10hrs or so a week doing the homework. actually more if you include meditaion, prayer work and journaling. so as i adjust to this class AND with the weekends as crazy as they are this month, i'll be slow journaling here and getting to your journals. once October is over, it'll be less stressful with more time for journaling. so please bear with me this month, it is hectic to say the least. fortunately i'll have 3days off in a row again, which may be all i need to catch up with everyone here. i'll see..i know you all will be here. thank you. i also want to see about transferring my old aol journal here, but the horror stories i've heard already may preempt it. change is good, but aol is a nightmare!

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