Wednesday, October 15, 2008

another day at the p.o.

so, i'm out & about runnin' errands. payin' bills actually. coming out of one place, someone grabs me from behind. it's Patrick from the p.o. a fellow co-worker of mine. he had only been with the p.o. about 2yrs before i retired. he's now the shop steward and we began to talk the latest of what's happening there. again more horror stories. there's a reason for the coined term "gone postal". again management being the bullies and dictators they are with no conscience. and they've gone thru 5 managers at my old station since i left 2 1/2yrs ago. waaaaay too many. there are a few fellow co-workers that management is needling in attempts to fire these guys. again, the shop stewards have the Disabilities Act that i gave them protecting my comrades from termination. the p.o. is a war zone in my opinion. it's a daily battle ground between carrier and management. they rode my ass daily before i retired. those with "weaknesses" they tend to go after quicker than a heart beat, than others. and so they continue their assanine ways. things went from worse to horrendous when upper management changed our districts. continually trying, and succeeding at times, ridding themselves of personnel while overburdening the remaining craft. it's always, daily, a push push push for more in less hours. they don't know when to quit with menial criticism and harassment. and they wonder why people go postal. then they want to whitewash it all. it's a sham. i've kept my mouth shut long enough about the p.o. not anymore. granted it paid my bills and fed me for 20yrs, but i still get rather perturbed when i hear of what's still going on there. i feel for my brothers and sisters there. they are still my co-workers although i'm retired. they deserve better. i have a friend who went into management and i love her dearly. she was once a carrier and i pray she at least has a conscience and compassion in dealing with her employees. not all management is alike, but it is the rare few good supervisors and managers that actually get the opportunity to manage. most are on such power trips i think and it is detrimental to everyone else. Patrick is young and has the strength to endure this better. i was able to endure it despite the illness although it was 10 times more difficult with it. i pray that one day, management will wake up and own their responibilities in their effects to the employees. i pray it doesn't take another one truly gone postal before it happens. it's as if all those fatalies across our nation didn't even happen. when will they learn?


Julia said...

My mother worked for the PO for 13 years before she died. She was fortunate I guess as she never had many horror stories about management and they were all wonderful to her during her illness. That was in the 1980 though when the employer still treated the employee well.

Jeannette said...

It all sounds horrendous. I think you are well out of it.