Thursday, October 2, 2008

slide show?

ok quick note i did like the last entry i made with my photos photos not quite where i wanted them, but i did like the display i ain't workin too hard on them there's far more to do than sit at the computer and figure out all the technology that'll come laterz....anyways, i did try again to get my photos into a slide show, but am having no luck at all on that one anyone else out there figure that one out yet? i did sign up for Photobucket and loaded some photos there, but still couldn't figure out how to set them up in a slideshow on here any suggestions or insights from others will be greatly appreciated...Thanks!

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Anne said...

I'm impressed that you know your way around. I'm still learning. Isn't it the shits that AOL is screwing us. OH's a learning curve for all of us. You are on MY list of reads. Love ya, Anne here is my link: