Friday, October 10, 2008

chlolesterol is down!

as i said, yesterday was a WONDERFUL day...being so tired last nite, i failed to mention some good news from my doc. i saw my psychriatrist yesterday who is at the VA. i get all my medical at the VA. so she has access to all my files and usually with our visits she'll look over notes from my therapist and other more recent medical issues happening with me. she thoroughly checks on me and i love it!

so i asked her to look up my recent blood work for my cholesteral. it's way down from last year. last year i think it was at 335. this time it's 207. i have no idea what i've done differently, but hey i'll keep it up. the only changes i've made the past 2 years was begin the hiking on a regular basis and consume alcohol a little more often too. i wonder if it

s the wine. they say it's good for your heart. who knows? maybe......also i did ask her about my cataract surgery and if there'd be any effect on my meds with the anesthetic. she said there shouldnt be. it's the blood thinners like aspirin, ibuprofen and such that concerns her. but there's not going to be any blood invovled in the cataract surgery. so that relieved some worry on my part. taking pain meds including ibuprofen at high dosages has interfered with my psyche meds and i just don't like the feeling. soooo happy there's not going to be a problem:-)

so anyways, these are a few of the photos i took on the way to the Jemez mountains. these are in the inky dinky town of San Ysidro a beautiful scenic view on the way...

on the way to the Jemez i bought another God & Marsha know how much i don't need a shirt...anyways, i went into buy a new pair of Levi's so i wouldn't buy that shirt at Bandelier i saw the other day that is soooo beautiful. for $60 i figured i could buy 2 pair of Levis for that price. well lo & behold on the way out of the store, i saw a shirt, thermal at that. but i loved the expression on it which says: FREEDOM TO LIVE, FREEDOM IS THE RIGHT TO LIVE AS WE WISH... so i bought it! but boy did it come in handy when i got to the mountains. i drove the jeep with the windows down(i didn't ride my bike on this's easier to jump in & out of my jeep to take photos than to jump off & on my bike donning my helmet constantly) so anyways, the cold mountain blew. it was refreshing but cold. i love drivng with my windows down in my jeep even in frigid weather at times. it's the closest thing to having no top like my previous Jeep Wrangler. it's 4wheelin at it's best. get out in nature and feel the wind and elements! i love my jeep as much as my bike. just don't drive it much since having the bike. hopefully next spring i'll get it out for some 4wheelin fun. patience is a virture. i know that will come altogether at the right moment at the right time.


Melissa said...

Wow, that's a dramatic drop in your cholesterol!! Good job! Exercise is very important in bring cholesterol down. And here's a great tip for you (I work on a cardiac unit) eat oatmeal every morning. You'll be amazed how much this helps.

Maybe I need to ride with you through the cold air with the top down to battle these blasted hot flashes!! Plus, it would be fun!

Julia said...

Love all the pictures. WTG on the cholesterol

Robin said...

God job dropping your cholesterol! Love these pics...that rusty old car is a beauty.