Saturday, October 4, 2008


ok it's 4:30am why i'm awake at this hour especially after only a few hours of sleep is beyond me so when this happens i get online and read the news what was up first O.J. FOUND GUILTY! Justice has somewhat finally been served!!! frankly i felt he got away with murder 13yrs ago and according to the article it has been exactly 13yrs to the day since he was acquitted i know other's felt he got away from murder as well i remember as a kid i loved watching him play football in college at that age i didn't know the difference between college and pro football i just loved to watch him but fortunately he never became my hero therefore i could be more open minded when his trial came up back then goodness that whole scenario surrounding those murders still gives me the goose bumps anyways, he's finally going to jail court date for sentencing set for Dec 5 i can hardly wait for that date as the article said, he could be spending the rest of his life in jail! it's about damn time!


Jeannette said...

Yes, I read that a little while ago on AOL news. Justice has finally caught up with him. He had a glittering career as a sports star and then as a movie actor. Now, look at him. I think he was guilty thirteen years ago, I am glad he is getting his punishment now.

Indigo said...

I was delighted to read the verdict was guilty. I've always believed he was guilty of murder years ago as well. (Hugs)Indigo