Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yes!..i talked to him:-)

YES i did talk to him last nite. it' was about 1:30am last nite. although i had crawled into bed before that, i didn't fall asleep so therefore i heard the phone. i was ecstatic to say the least. he sounded good, but tired. i'm sure they're working those guys about 16hr days as they did the last time. he's already to come back home, so i hope this will be his last tour. maybe he's finally realizing there's more to life than fighting a war. i'm keepin' my fingers crossed. anyways, it was great to chat with him for a few moments. i wrote him a letter via myspace this morn and let him know i'd keep in contact with him through there until he can get a phone over there. that may be awhile, if ever, but as long as i have some type of contact i'll be good. also Earma and i became "friends" on myspace and i was able to see a pic of the sonogram. in another couple weeks, she'll know if it's a boy or girl. the baby looks fine. i also got to see some more recent pics of Kyle before he took off for Iraq. it was good to see him relaxing a bit before taking off. i got all teary eyed because it just made me realize how much i miss him. he'll be back in May to see the birth of his baby, so i'll be there too to see both. Earma is suppose to drop in here while returning to Arkansas, so i'll meet her then. so now i'll patiently wait to hear from him again. i may have to nudge him but as long as the communication stays open, i'll be fine. i'm relieved for a little while after our chat. knowing he's ok and alive is a breath of fresh air. i'll coordinate with Earma on a care package for him for Christmas and keep him in my heart even more so during this holiday. one day at a time and i'll get thru it. so anyways, that's the latest....i'm off here now to get to sleep early tonite. i really didn't sleep well after chatting with him. but tonite i'll take that pill to get a good night's rest. all the excitement has worn me out. but it's all good!


Anne said...

I am so very happy for you that you got a phone conversation in. I hope you get to meet Earma on her way through town. She will be blessed to meet YOU! Anne

Julie said...

I am happy you got the call. My brother was terrible about keeping in touch when he was over and my mother worried. No cell phones back then. I am glad you got to see the sonogram. It is amazing what they can do these day.

gina said...

i know how happy this call made you...and a grandbaby on the way! how exciting.