Tuesday, November 18, 2008

window shoppin'

another beautiful day today. i should have been outside for the day. but i went and picked up my small paycheck from Jen's office then headed to the bank to cash it. as usual i went to Jen's bank since it's basically next door to her office, in lieu of going a couple miles down the street to find my bank. a convenience thing. i've been doing it since i started working for her. well lo & behold, her bank changed procedures on cashing the checks for those who are not a member. i had to sign in to see a bank reception first so she could verify my id, then she took me to the teller...what a crock! i inquired if this was going to be the procedure every time i came in here and she said yes. well with that, i'll go the couple miles to my bank. this is just a bunch of bull and who knows what else banks will do. this just takes that much more time and i could be at my bank in the same time with no hassle. what did they think i was going to do? rob them? they will have fraud regardless of their extra steps in taking precautions. people will rob them regardless. don't they know that people will obtain whatever they want with whatever means they want if they want it bad enough. this deterrant won't make it go away. just aint going there again...
so after that little adventure i treated myself to Souper Salad. and i remembered i wanted to eat salads a little more often. over the weekend i was on a junk food mode. the only time i do that is when i'm stressed. so i must have been stressed for some reason and just not aware of it. i'll contribute it to Jarhead. it definitely had its strain on me....anyways, after lunch i went window shoppin' next to the diner, a little strip mall. there were a couple items i wanted to shop for, blazers and vests. i went into Anchor Blue and The Burlington. nothing in Anchor Blue. didn't expect them to have anything anyways, but on occasion the youth shops will sell a nice blazer jacket like American Eagle. so off to Burlington. i checked the women's dept. i checked the men's dept. back to the women's dept, then downstairs to the coats. i found a coat downstairs at a reasonable price. so maybe this week i'll get it. i had checked the men's dept for i found no vests in the women's dept. i also wanted to compare the length between the men and women's blazers. sometimes i like things long, hence the men's clothing. found a vest, but no blazers i really liked. but the thing i noticed the most was the look on me from the women's side. alas a feminine touch i haven't worn in quite a long time. i so love being in my Levi's and a sweatshirt or t-shirt, i've forgotten what some feminine apparel can do for me. i have my father's built and sometimes people mistaken me for a guy. i've also had someone tell me i look androgynous or even very feminine. but for years now, especially since retiring, i live in my Levis with my old country heart playing all the time. i've contemplated from time to time about dressing with a feminine touch, but haven't found the right clothing. plus i was trying to force the issue because of friends and other reasons, but i haven't been ready. think i'm ready a bit now, but today as i thought about it, i'm going to do it with my Levis. now i may have to change that should i become a Practitioner (spiritual counselor) at church for there's a "dress code", but for now, i'll start weaving my jeans with a little womanly touch and see how that works. maybe by the time i become practitioner, i'll be ready for slacks again. for 26yrs i wore a uniform of sorts. if not in the military, in the post office. i was always sharp and dressed to a T. it's been nice though since retiring having no requirements to "dress up". my jeans are my true nature spiritually and otherwise connecting me to nature year round. i think we should make it our national attire...lol can you imagine our president addressing the nation in his jeans? maybe people would be a little more relaxed and peaceful and harmonious with one another. maybe we could connect more easily with less adversity. but these are only my thoughts. i can only dream....:)!


Martha said...

I really like your idea! Jeans for one and all :-)

gina said...

hey...i'd vote for jeans all the time. lol i don't know why banks wanna make ya jumpt thru hoops like that...going a couple of miles down the street will be worth it in my opinion. i love the sunrise pic.

Julie said...

I live in a uniform half my life also and would love to toss them away once and for all. But couldn't imagine jeans in my line of work, LOL.

ChieInspirational Thoughts said...

Hmmm... I myself is working at the bank. Well, dress coded I guess... but cool if jeans for one & all.

Nice to hear your hopping here & there.

I adore the sunrise you have to day. Jst so nice and sober. Love it!

Have a great evening.