Saturday, November 15, 2008

Command My Soul

Spirit with me, comand my Soul to do Thy bidding;
Compel me to follow the course of Truth and Wisdom.
Control my inward thoughts and my outward ways,
And make me to understand Thy Laws.
Command my Soul to turn to Thee for guidance and light;
To trun to Thee for wisdom and knowledge.
Let the paths of my Life be made straight and sure;
Let the Journey of my Soul find its completion in Thee.
Command my Soul to do Thy bidding.

....this photo is too from Bosque del Apache. these are cranes coming in for the night, flying in fewer numbers across the sky. yet another beautiful as recommended i didnt touch anything regarding this blog and my gmail address. i'm keeping them as two different accounts at the moment. should AOL close down for good, then i'll consider merging them. Google and Blogger are not familiar enough with me yet to make any drastic changes at the moment. so i'm staying put....the day has been long. another very busy day at the church. Rev Julie did make it into town this weekend and i got to see her momentarily today at the church. right now i'd like to sit with her over a cup of coffee and just talk spirituality and the way(s) of Life. i have evolve much and i'm realizing that more and more lately including with the read of Jarhead. i had to put that book down for awhile again. it's too much for me at the moment. it is vulgar, demoralizing and degrading to the human spirit. But is not what war does to one in the midst of it. i had heard decades ago that the Marine Corps was tough, very tough, but i had no idea until now of its agenda. this book will be enough for me to answer all war questions. i think i've finally got all the pieces to understand it fully. although i used to curse like a sailor at times many years ago, i curse sparingly nowadays. it's almost not a part of my nature anymore, that's how much i have evolved from within. i no longer need the words or those feelings. reading the news tonite, i contemplate "standards" in life and how diverse we are. i'm starting to sense a new direction for my life and the way i want to live it, so i will steer it in another direction. i don't have the complete picture of the newer adventure, but as time unfolds i'll know. there is much despair, hardship and adversity in life, but i know there is much joy somewhere here too. i'm in search of it. i have to find it for myself. only yesterday i was asking myself what will be my new "work" in life? what will it be that will fullfill me like my previous work did? there are a few possibilities. i need to explore them. i need some guidance still, but i will forge ahead getting all the guidance i need. mostly i need to guide myself, be the captain of my ship. there's a vast ocean of life to sail. i'm preparing my gear and will set sail when all preparation is done. i'll start tonite with a simple prayer. another glorious day is on the horizon. first, a glance at the stars at night and the moonlight shining brightly.


gina said...

i don't know all that you've evolved from, but it seems to me you are well on track for the future...much wisdom and discernment and right priorities. love the cranes pic above.

Martha said...

I have no doubt with your spirit you will find whatever is meant to be for you! Hugs!

Julie said...

That is what I am doing with my gmail account. Keeping it as backup. Hopefully the changes AOL is making will enable them to stay open. Time will tell. I needed a backup though in case. Love the photo of the cranes.

marti said...

your blog is so beautiful!