Tuesday, November 25, 2008


goodness, it's tuesday evening. the day didn't go as planned, but then again i didn't have much of a plan. i spent the mornin' coordinating the schedule for work only to have one woman quit on me right after sending the schedule out. i was actually relieved when she opted out and fortunately didn't have to change the schedule too much to cover her. it was a bright spot in my day actually. she's been difficult since day one when she came on board. she was headed out anyways, it came sooner than laterz. a blessing in disguise. so anyways, then i met Marsha for lunch and some grocery shoppin'. quick, sweet and delightful. one lady in the store dropped her jaw once she saw us, so i assumed she thought Marsha and i were a couple. O well, we're not but she didn't know that. we both happened to have our denim on today. denim jeans and jacket. but yesterday our crew that went to Jesse's, we all had on black. everyone of us. another day in sync i suppose....lol.... the first photo here is of Sandy, Jane and Jesse in front of his house. It is a very old house. made of concrete i believe with a tin roof. this whole little town there was the same. they all look really run down or close to it, but they're perfectly happy. from where i was born in kentucky, i thought houses were so old, they were dirt. well when i moved out here in New Mexico, i think i found houses even older. i was reminded of them while visiting Jesse's town yesterday. but that is the culture here i learned. i have no complaints. it just took me awhile to adjust seeing them. i first saw them on the pueblos, but i've seen them also in other places. very country rural is what i figure. they seem impoverished but i'm not going to make that judgment because i really dont know if they are. Jesse definitely doesn't seem to be poor. he just seems to me that old country man to me. there was a time i could have lived as such, but i got past it and never really did either. it was just in my heart to have a cabin type home in the midst of the woods no matter how rugged it looked. that was just the nature of my heart at the time. that's how i see Jesse and his house. rustic is my middle name. Jesse is rustic. so i'll say these houses are definitely very old rustic. anyways, it was another side of Jesse i learned about yesterday. his house is befitting of him of what i had already learned. a beautiful soul shaped from the harshness of life since childhood...we grabbed a few of his things and came back. i picked up one of his bandanas and put in my pocket. told him i borrowed it, but i'm keeping it. my favorite color too=purple. another small item to cherish his presence once he's gone.
.....now the second photo is from my trip with ranger jim the other day. this is a view of Moriarty many miles away. it's not very big either. again country and rural area. i think New Mexico is mostly country and rural areas except for our city and Santa Fe. New Mexico is a unique state and i don't find it like any other state actually. it's beautiful and full of culture, yet rustic. i think each town in it has its own unique personality separating themselves from all the rest. and there's lots of DUST! ....
.....anyways, the last but not least, the photo on the bottom here is of a juniper tree. it's very old and i love the bark on it here. think the first i've seen such a tree. there were a lot of beautiful trees in the forest. it was such a wonderful hike thru the forest the other day. i could have stayed all day. again my country western self out in nature. i'm lovin' it.
now i'm off to start another book or piddle around the house. tomorrow i must start on that paper for class next week. it's an autobiography 4-6pages long using the Law of Cause & Effect, a part of our philosophy. maybe i'll start tonite. we're only about a third of the way into this class, and i'm all ready for it to be over. i hope it goes by fast. then summer will be here again:).


Robin said...

Stopping by to wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

gina said...

nm is a beautiful state, and yes, i think rustic fits too...as well as impoverished in some areas. we drove across the northern part of nm this summer as part of our vacation. i have some beautiful pix. love that old tree.