Saturday, November 29, 2008

i heard from kyle!

The Tao--22nd verse
the flexible are preserved unbroken.
the bent become straight.
the empty are filled.
the exhausted become renewed.
the poor are enriched.
the rich are confounded.
therefore the sage embraces the one.
because he does not display himself,
people can see his light.
because he has nothing to prove,
people can trust his words.
because he does not know who he is,
people recognize themselves in him.
because he has no goal in mind,
everything he does succeeds.
the old saying that the flexible are preserved
unbroken is surely right!
if you have truly attained wholeness,
everything will flock to you.
alas, i heard from my son! i had to grab his attention, but he responded. it's been 6weeks or longer and i hadnt heard not one word from him. maybe because i'm still reading Jarhead, he's on my mind even more. (yeah i went back to this book) anyways, i finally left a comment on his myspace page. he is the reason i got onto myspace as well but we rarely communicate through it. well after noticing that he had indeed seen my comment and didn't reply, i made another one. this time i told him if he didn't at least leave me a comment on my page i was going to come over there and kick his ass with billy club in hand. this is a running joke between him and i, but it caught his attention. i also told him i knew he had seen my previous comment. i just made this entry last night before i went to bed. first thing when i woke this morn @ 6am, there it was, a reply from him. now for a little while i can worry a little less. it made my day!! best Thanksgiving present i got even if it was a day or so late. i know he's so totally wrapped up in his wife, but i'm still lettting him know i'm still around. so i sent him a message via myspace to let him know i worry about him alot being over there and to just drop me a note on my page if he can't call. although i've been updated on him thru his wife, the last 2 phone calls she has not replied. i'm calling again this weekend startin' today. she complained months ago that i didnt' talk to her, now she's not returning my calls. go figure. kids, i know they have much to learn still. but i know in my heart they're both are ok. just tryin' to keep communication open between us. it's tough long distance, i know this with my own experience and especially when you're overseas. my first duty station was overseas and then we didn't have cell phones or computers. now there's ample communication devices besides the snail mail of letters. anyways, i've heard from him. i'm happy!
so i had a good Thanksgiving. it was a chill out day before going to some friends. the food was good. company was good despite a bit of drama. but what would a holiday be without drama. all the drama going around the past couple months has made me rethink about becoming a spiritual counselor at church. at this moment in time, i don't think i'm ready for that. (alot of the drama has been at church). i know we all have our moments, but....we can make a better life by changing our thoughts and reactions to others in a more positive way. we are all human for God's sake but we create our lives by how we think. Change your thinking, change your life. i know it sounds simple, it really is, but one must work on the change. i've been working on mine for a very long time and it's second nature to me now. granted i have my moments, but i do my damnest not to get caught up in the drama. it gets really hard when you're constantly surrounded by it, so therefore it's always a time for a hike for me. the wind just blows it all out of my system and revitalizes me. this is a way of meditation for me. meditation doesn't have to be sittin and chanting oms. one can meditate many different ways and i for one like to hike. i focus on the wind and the sun. the wind caresses my cheek and runs through my hair relaxing my mind and taking all my cares away. the sun warms my soul reminding me of the love i am. nature is full of unconditional love. that is the love of God. nature is too God, the Divine Love constantly expressing, freely, unconditionally. anyways, i could use a hike right now. i may go, but i have things to do today. my old boss asked me to work this evening at the mall. i told her yes. during the holidays i'm even more giving than at other times. if i only give my time to help out, then i have done something worth while. it also helps distract me from my holiday blues i usually get and not be so wrapped up in it. hopefully it won't be so bad this year. so anyways, i have much to do before then. so off i go....


Melissa said...

Karen I'm so glad that you heard from your son. Only a mother can know the angst we feel over our children when we are worried about them. There is no peace in our souls when we worry about them. I hope he continues to keep you in the loop and that your anxiousness over him is relieved.

While reading about your hikes I suddenly wished I could go on one of your hikes with youl. I'm not much of a hiker, but you sure did make it sound refreshing and renewing. And, I totally agree with you about thoughts changing lives. I'm in a major thought/life cycle right now and have been meditating n that very thing.

gina said...

i am so glad you heard from your son...i know that helped lift your spirits. and all you can do with dil is keep reaching out. staying busy is the best way to ward off the blues...i hope you're successful in keeping them at bay.

Martha said...

I'm so glad you heard from your son. I know how hard it is having my daughter away at college, can't imagine overseas!
I meditate while walking along the beach. I always say it's where God lives :-)