Friday, November 21, 2008

i got my chocolate..

it's friday evening. i'm sittin' at church passin' the time by. nobody in the building at the moment but me. it is sweeeet! i'm listenin' to my music on the radio and eatin' my chocolate for dinner. in about a half hour, people should be rollin' in here for their group events tonite. i may be here past 10pm tonite depending on one particular group, Dances of the Universe. they're suppose to set up their own event now and reset the sanctuary once they're done. so i'll see how long it takes them to get out of here. last time they were here, they were here til 10pm and they did no setting up or resetting the sanctuary. i'm anxious to see how this goes tonite. i really don't want to be here past 10pm which is my norm on any given night. i'll keep my fingers crossed.
today i did a bit of shoppin'. headed to REI my favorite recreation store to shop for gloves for my sister and her grandkids. they are rag wool gloves which she has not been able to find in kentucky where she lives. maybe it's too warm there for those folks to sell them, but i bought her a pair years ago which she recently lost. well REI was having a major weekend sale including these gloves. so i bought for my sis, her daughter and two grandkids. hopefully the adult small are small enough for the kids, yet long enough to cover their fingers. these are fingerless gloves. i've been wearing these gloves for over 2 decades and got my sis hipped on them a loooong time ago. if you don't know, wool is great for the snow. you may get wet, but the wool will keep you still dry and warm. and these gloves don't itch as sum wool does. so these will be great for the kids to build that snowman once they get enough to build him. if nothing else, their hands will stay warmer in the winter this year and a few more after i did REI i headed over to Sears for another Leatherman. this summer i noticed mine had disappeared. hoping it would show up again soon, i realized today it never did. they have gone up in price since i bought mine years ago, but are so handy i don't like going anywhere without one. so i'm makin' sure i don't lose this one, even if i have to resort to wearing it on my belt daily. but for now, i have my backpack that i carry ALL the time....i don't own a so that was my shoppin day... traffic got busy as hell and i headed to church.
once here at church, i saw Sandy, Jesse's and mine mutual friend. we chatted briefly and i learned Jesse is thinking he won't be here for Christmas. this tells me he's startin' to accept his fate. his focus at the moment is to just make it for Thanksgiving. Sandy, Jane and i are planning on drivin' Jesse up to his house on monday to take care of sum personal affairs. he's been putting it off and putting it off and putting it off. so somehow Sandy's going to convince him to go. his house is way up in northern New Mexico, but we need to stop at Santa Fe first, an hour north of here and our state capitol. so, his time is gettin closer i suppose. at this very moment i can handle that. i recognized in talking with Jane and Sandy this afternoon, i may have to be the strength for all of us on monday when we take this ride. it's not a definite yet, but we will do what we can for him. He has given us much, especially Sandy. i won't ever forget him...........Bless you Jesse. you're an Angel and don't even know it...

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