Monday, November 17, 2008

white sands nat'l park

I had so much fun on the last entry, i thought i'd do it again. for those new to my journal, i took these photos, and many others, at White Sands National Park here in New Mexico. it's in southern New Mexico and not far from where the Space Shuttle lands occasionally. these are just a few photos i took there. now that i have this option to show multiple photos at once, i'll use this from time to time.

anyways, the day has been good. did a tidbit of yard work. didn't want to push myself after surgery per doctor's orders. then i got put in a major dent into homework this week. i have two papers due plus another 100 pages or so of reading to do. got half of that done today, if not more. now the other half and another paper. i was just telling Maggie that the reading today gave me some perspective on things regarding spiritual living. found sum answers to that if not the totality of it all. Life is finally settling down a bit for me. i'm finally gettin' in a routine of sorts daily which i've needed since retiring almost 3yrs ago. if possible i'll take another hike tomorrow. i took one yesterday. missed a wonderful service at church but i knew i needed my nature more yesterday than service. it was very refreshing for my soul and energizing. i think the fresh air put me almost to sleep at work yesterday. thank goodness i didn't have to be there but 4hrs....well the holidays are around the corner and i'm not ready for them. it's still 60+degree weather and i'm asking where's the cold. Maggie told me not to think about that and pray it doesn't come our way. sometimes we do have such mild winters, i swear it's almost like spring. maybe tha'ts what's headed our way. only time will the meantime, i put Jarhead away for good. not going to finish that book. gives me a headache just thinking about it, but it too provided perspective on sum of my life too. so now i'm into Marley and Me and would like to finish it before the movie comes out next month. it is much joy and laughter if you own dogs and i highly recommend it. my own dog Boo gave me much laughter last nite. i posted sum affirmations last night on my mirror in the bathroom-on 8x10 paper. no sooner than i posted it, she was barking her head off at it. totally cracked me up. she does this a lot. it's never a dull moment around here with her except when she sleeps. but canines are the simple pleasures in life that gives me such great joy and unconditional love. sometimes i think about not having any pets one day, but then Boo comes along and reminds me why i should....

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Julie said...

The photo's are wonderful. I love Marley and Me , made me laugh which is a good thing.