Monday, December 1, 2008

on the website

this photo is on the Balloon Fiesta website. this is Madison atop her daddy's shoulders at the fiesta this year. her pure joy definitely shows thru here and she is such a treasure. Marsha's going to try and line me up with one day a week that i baby sit with her to help take my holiday blues away. we'll do it at her Grammy's house (Marsha's) where she's familiar with her surroundings. plus i can take her to the park too which is right down the street. i'll try and remember the camera but that may be too much while watching her at the same time. anyways, it'll be fun. plus Marsha and i were discussing Madison's Christmas gift. i've got the go ahead to get her that remote control car. i wanted to do it last year, but she was still too young. i have no doubt she'd get the hang of playing with the steering stick and watching it drive around all over the house. anyways, so come payday, i'm off to see if i can find her a Jeep car to go along with Auntie's (mine). it'll be fun just to go searchin'. i may give it to her early if i baby we'll see. all in good time. i look forward to anytime spent with her.
anyways, the month of december is a major challenge for me. with that said, i'll be in and out of journaling here. i'll try and stay caught up with everyone else's journals. mostly i'll be focusing on staying very busy to beat the blues. so far not too bad, but i realized today that maybe if i don't listen to too much Christmas music, that may help tremendously. i love the music, but it also triggers the problem. hopefully tidbits at a time will be enough. i'll be fine and i have plenty of books to stick my nose into to keep me distracted. i also have my therapist should i need to call her. i saw her today and we had a great session. the only not so good news there was she strongly suggested i don't become a practitioner at church, mostly not to do the counseling. a little disappointed, but maybe i can become a practitioner without doing the counseling. i'll be asking my mentor and probably Rev Julie about this. only time will tell for me. right now i'll just enjoy my class and complete that journey. Life is still Good. i am still grateful for many things. so until i'm back again, bless you!


Anne said...

Karen, I met with my therapist today too. Listen, if you ever need to "talk" I'm only a click away. You have so much in you to help or out of church. YOU are a shineing star. Hang in there!

Julie said...

It is sad so many people are sad on this holiday. Sorry about the music on my site. It can be turned off though :)

Love the shot. She looks so excited.

gina said...

she is precious! and i'm sure you'll be very busy the days you keep her. i hope you're successful in beating the blues. i'll remember you in prayer. hugs