Wednesday, December 17, 2008

merry christmas 2 me:-)

Merry Christmas to me:-)....and Jesse too. so today was a great day for me. first i recently had a financial crisis come up and today i got it taken care of. that made my day. then to top it off i also got to buy my new bifocals. i've been waiting like forever and a day to get them and alas the cash came in for them too. i've got them on now, but still adjusting. it's been months, since wearing bifocals. i have to adjust to that line from the bifocal to the rest of the glasses. i know in no time i won't even notice it. the same thing happened when i first began wearing them. right now having my farsightedness and the bifocals are such a relief. no more blurr except the ever so slight blurr where the bifocal begins. then the finality of the day was finish my Christmas shopping. all presents done. and today i got an extra one for Jesse. i was originally going to get him a gift card, but over the weekend his phone went kaput. so i found a AT&T Go phone that works just fine with the Cingular card in his current phone. it was within my budget and i could not see paying out $200 just to buy a regular phone without the contractual issues attached. i gave it to him tonite. we hooked it up and it works. the last several days has been tough not being able to call and check in with him. then when his phone did start working again today, it would disconnect while we were talking. anyways, to say the least he was happy. (ME TOO!) now everyone can get a hold of him without problems. he's holding up. there are days he's out for the count so to speak, then he has several days in a row he's up and about like he doesn't have cancer. he's just absolutely amazing. i'm going to miss him. i don't want to say good-bye. anyways, today i bought a new steering wheel cover for my jeep and i asked him to put it on. i didn't know it had rubber in it, but some how miraculously Jesse was able to get it on. it was great visiting with him again today. just a few days ago i hung out with him all day. he again helped me with my jeep. we changed the brake light. we put on a license plate he had hanging around onto my jeep but we had to move the wrench a little to get it on. then we put window washer in the jeep. then i helped him clean out his truck and load it with stuff for him to sell at the flea market. that was one of his good days. the more time i spend with him, the more i treasure it. all in all it's a great day today. it was a very good Merry Christmas day gift to myself. time spent with friends. accomplishing some financial goals. getting my new glasses. i'm delighted. a very blessed day indeed!


gina said...

:) a great, upbeat entry! i'm glad it has been a very good day for you.

~ L said...

I'm so happy for you!

Julie said...

I hate getting used to new glasses, hope you adjust quickly. I am glad Jessie is doing well.