Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sugar Plum Tree

the radio is on. Christmas songs play and i'm feelin' fine at the moment. this morn i had another session with my therapist this time to talk about my holiday blues. she was telling me to create new Christmases, which i have been doing but the blues keep showing up. well she also told me i need a new association with the holiday. i immediately thought maybe something visual. something new visually like a purple tree....well, no sooner was i out the building from our session that i thought to myself i could go get purple paint and spray paint my tree i have (it's artificial) i went to the bookstore, had lunch and then went to buy purple paint. found it at Lowe's after a few phone calls. the darkest purple they had was titled Sugar Plum. i bought all 4 cans they had left with no clue if that would be enough. came home and dug out the tree. put it together and started painting. thankfully i put rugs underneath it for still part of the kitchen floor was purple when i finished. about three quarters into it being painted, the light bulb went on. can the paint handle the tree lights once they were on. well i talked to 3 people including the fire dept and they assured me it should be fine with ample drying time. the fire dept said 2-3days of drying. a friend suggested a week. so somewhere in between that time, i'll decorate. i did put a Christmas cd on while painting, one i had bought of Reba McEntire's last year but hadn't played. well it was the right music and the painiting was loads of fun. the twist here is i call Madison "Sugar Plum" often. so the Sugar Plum Tree is absolutely fitting. i'll always keep her in mind at Christmas from this point forward. i haven't seen her yet, but the tree will remind me of her. she's such a JOY in my heart always especially at Christmas:-)


Julie said...

What a wonderful idea. I have had so many people I love die right around Christmas like my Mom 2 days before. I keep the spirit because she loved it so much and I can remember her joy at the season. Hope you can have happy purple memories and I love the tree.

Melissa said...

Well, just look at you being proactive in making a new Christmas! Your willingness to jump in there and "just do it" and the creativity you showed with the "how" of doing it are an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others. I'm learning that it's not so much the situations we face as it is how we handle those situations and you, my dear friend, are heads above. I love your Sugar Plum Tree and I hope everytime you look at it you realize how far you've come in rising to the occasion. Merry! Merry!

gina said...

a purple tree....sugar plum...wonderful association. i think you are going in the right direction in keeping those blues at bay...may not be successful every day...but every day that you are is a huge success. :)