Saturday, December 13, 2008

thought for the day

In this day of degeneration when one meets with all sorts of problems and adverse circumstances, the practice of generating positive thoughts is very effective. If someone lacks this practice, even though that person might be a serious meditator, he or she will meet with many hardships and hurdles. ~Dalai Lama, The Path to Tranquility

so this is the thought for today. this book gives a thought for each day that was quoted by Dalai Lama thru his writings, teachings and interviews. there are many great thoughts in this book. i'll will post the ones i like the best or could serve others immensely. sum quotes include words associated with Buddhism and at this time i don't understand the message, so therefore i wont' post those. yet all in all, this is a great book to have for daily wisdom to read. i'll be seeking other books as well eventually, but for now i'll still focus on our philosophy and Ramtha teachings. after finishing all of my practitioner courses, i want to read the Bible in its entirety so i'm a little more familiar with it. it is another source of wisdom but not THE only one. i had to leave Christianity to find my own spirituality. i have no regrets. there is good in all things. for me it's finding those common threads that we all have in our spirituality and moving even further beyond that. Ramtha teaches the ancient wisdom and how to wake up just like Jesus did as well as other Masters before him. i have no doubt we have the power to do just as Jesus did, although i'm not there yet myself. i have far more to learn before getting there. in time, that's what i truly desire. i'm still working on how to be in this world but not of it. that's a mindful task as it is. i am attached here to Mother Earth and all my family & friends. i'll know when it's time to go and move beyond this plane. there are other worlds to explore, but for now my heart belongs here....
a note to myself


gina said...

the Bible is so rich! i'm reading it through for the 4th time and see something new each time. i hope you'll enjoy it as much as i do.

JoHn'S wOrLd said...

Hello,im new to your blog.I wil be following it,If you get a chance stop by mine,I to know what its like to lose a family member.This is my first Christmas without my dad.So hard. I have to stay in prayer so I dont get pulled down.Looking forward to hearing from you

Melissa said...

Karen, I totally agree with you. We all have differnt paths to travel. God is love, period, that is the lesson and we are to learn that God is in all of us, so therefore, we are to be love too. That's not always easy but like it or not, that is our mission. Beautiful quote. Thanks for sharing it here.