Friday, December 5, 2008


so, did you read about Knut in the news today. the famous bear whom i absolutely love and know little about, he is possibly being evicted from his zoo. he's out growing his space and if i read it correctly they may not have the money to enlarge his area. this photo was on the headlines so i grabbed it and also made it my profile photo. i love this photo. i love this bear. he's still adorable since when i first met him in the news a couple years ago. maybe one day i can get back over to Germany and see him. anyways, i'm a Big bear lover of any kind. this news story was the highlight of my day, (aside from O.J. finally going to prison:-) ). i wish there could be animal stories every day. when i win the lottery, that is millions and millions of dollars, sum will definitely go to the wildlife. i'm a HUGE Nature lover if you haven't noticed already. Bears were my first love as a kid. once i moved here to new mexico, i fell in love with wolves. maybe it was the coyotes that i heard singing up in the mountains that really brought that home. love the coyotes too. still see them from time to time around here. anyways, maybe one day i can do photo expeditions of the wildlife. i'm aware of a few places for that. just need to pull my resources together and do that, but after the Grand Canyon of
so anyways, i'm still hangin in there. tomorrow our church hike group is back for our first hike in months. i'm taking them to Gallegos Park but will remain in the Open Space area. it'll be nice to get sum fresh air and enjoy sum company along the way. then i can come home and maybe decorate that Sugar Plum Tree of mine. much to do between now and next thursday including studying for a test in my class. it'll be good. it'll help me keep distracted. only 20days til Christmas. i can hardly wait...


Melissa said...

I love Knut too! I have also always loved bears, I'm 50 yrs old and I still collect teddy bears. So, we are indeed, kindred spirits.


Martha said...

Another Knut admirer here! I'm a wildlife lover too!
Just catching up here, love the photo you posted of the Balloon Fiesta, that's priceless!
Have a great weekend and a great week :-)

Julie said...

Love the bear photo. I love animals also.