Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas with Madison

she's too cute....& too funny!.....tonite was my night at Marsha' with Madison and family in tow. Madison is such a delight. Pure Joy. she just tickles me pink. Marsha had green chili stew ready for us upon our arrival. Madison with her mom & dad showed up within a few minutes after i did. i didn't know it until they left later this evening, that this was Marsha's night of Christmas with them tonite. anyways, so we ate our stew, except for Madison she had cheese tortillas with a few pears. once we were finished, i entertained Madison by taking her picture. she literally posed for me and did so in all of these photos. once her picture is taken, then she has to come see the picture on back of the camera. she does this all the time. she knows it's her and likes looking at her own photos. sometimes she'll even kiss the photo on the camera while Marsha and I laugh heartedly. after photos, Madison was given the go ahead to open the presents. she knew they were hers, and most of them were. we saved my gift for last for it would be the only toy to play with tonite. Marsha had given her her toy a few days ago-a talking bus to spell her ABCs and hopefully help teach her to talk. she speaks a few words, but has yet to be miss chatty cathy. we all know once she gets started, it'll probably be tough to keep her quiet. but we are anxiously awaiting. anyways, these are a few photos i snapped as she opened her presents. again she was posing for these photos, directly looking at me while i shot the picture. once she opened my present, the remote control car, she was almsot all play. she loved the car as long as it didn't come near her. she became afraid once it got near her feet. but as long as the car was running far away from her, she would yell go and pump her little arms in excitement. so it's going to take a little while for her not to be afraid of it. she enjoyed playing with the remote and making it go, but was literally running for someone or the couch if it came her direction. i know in time she'll adjust and will no longer fear it. when she could, she'd push the car on her own and had no fear. she actually got fussy when her dad was packing it up to take home with them. she insisted on having it in her hands...lol....anyways, all in all it was a good night. later Madison curled up in my arms and insisted on looking at the book Marsha gave me for Christmas=60 Hikes within 60 Miles of Albq. it's a great book. i knew i was getting it but tonite was the first time i actually got to look inside it. to top the evening off, Marsha & i had hot chocolate, made with milk this time. the kids were on their way home and it was our time to unwind. to my delight, Marsha was really happy with her gift i gave. another lamp made of glass blocks from one our friends at church. i just recently got my own as well. they're absolutely beautiful. anyways, Marsha now has one to go in her bedroom for year round.....it was a great evening. something to put in my memory books. what a great extended family i have. how blessed i am for their presence in my life!


~ L said...

Madison is just adorable! Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas. Big hugs, ~ Lori

Bea said...

Madison is too cute... looks like you had very nice Christmas with your family. THanks for coming by my blog ... Happy New Year, Karen. bea