Friday, December 12, 2008

give me music

coffee's brewin. i sit listenin' to Kenny Chesney. i hadn't put on his music in a long time. goodness, i won't wait so long the next time. i was listenin' to the radio but i get so dog gone tired of commercials and DJ chatter. so i pulled out my cds. listenin' to this first cd is soooo relaxin'. he has such his own unique style, but most of it seems to be centered around relationships. i think that's why i put it away for awhile since i don't have that right now in my life, but that's ok too. there's a time and a season for that waiting for me. i didn't know i could even go there anymore until i was hangin' with Jesse the other day. it's nice to know i can with the right person when he shows up (or she). but for now i'm happily content to be alone so to speak. we are never alone ever really. for if it isn't for our friends and family around us, then there are those in the unseen watching us. it's comforting knowing i have both and indeed i have both, for i have experienced both. now is just the time to enjoy each moment as it unfolds.
anyways, last nite i did pretty good on the test. we actually went over it question by question then turned it in at the end. it was nice to discuss it. due to sum of the discussion, i had a disturbing dream this morn and woke about 5:30am. the discussion surrounded sexuality issues but i came to realize that this includes pedophiles and other deviant behavior. so anyways, it was an eye opener for sure. we can refer clients to someone else if we ourselves have a problem with the issues at hand, but as best as we can we must see everyone as whole, perfect and complete. that people are not their behaviors just behaving with a belief that says they're separate from God. in our philosophy we know we are not separate from God, but an individualized expression of God. we know we create our lives from The Source-God and are responsible for them. we believe in a Law of Cause and Effect which does not absolve people from their actions. anyways, last night was a good learning lesson for me even with a few other questions on the test. i'm happy we didn't actually have to "take" the test over which they do sometimes in these classes, only giving you a sample test to prepare. Tests just totally stress me out. thank goodness, it's over. now i can relax a little while. we'll meet next week, then we are off from class over the holidays. i can then catch up with sum more reading...
speaking of reading...last week after my therapy session i went to Barnes & Noble to look for a meditation book. something to read daily to begin my day. well i picked up Dalai Lama, The Path to Tranquility. i like it thus far and will from time to time enter one of his thoughts or quotes. i also picked up The Kahlil Gibran, Inspirational Writings. i've read one chapter of it and felt like it wrote my heart. there's another book i'm reading right now too, if i haven't mentioned it. it's Turning to One Another by Margaret Wheatley. i must read it a bit at a time to absorb slowly what she says. it's another good book. once Christmas has arrived, i'll finish Jarhead. i'm determined to finish that book to see his conclusion. then i have a stack of other books i'm ready to read including a mystery i think. so many books, so little anyways, it's all good. Life is good, bad and ugly...ya gotta love it!


Melissa said...

Oh, my friend, if only everyone in the world could have a heart as good as yours. I always get something positive when I come here. Bless you! I have a book recommendation for you. Dr. Wayne Dyer's There is a Spiritual Solution to every Problem. I think it's one of my all time favorites. I pick it up every once in a while and always find some gem that I need for that day.

Thanks so much for your prayers for Sarah and Bennie and for sharing my joy. It just feels so good to know that there is going to be a new baby for all of us to love. I'm in love with it (them) already. Any news in your baby camp?

gina said...

i know what you mean about tests! i'm glad you did well and it's over. sounds like you are ready for the Christmas break. i don't know how you read more than one book at a time....everything would mesh together for me. lol

Robin said...

I go thru periods of time without music and then when I turn it on again I I need to have it on more and the tv on less.