Wednesday, August 12, 2009

this way

as i hiked yesterday, i came across this sign on the trail. although i saw it, i still missed the trail landing on a different path for awhile. thank goodness i didn't travel far but i'm sure i wood have made it back some how some way.......once back, i looked to the right to this beautiful view. can see almost forever atop the Peak. views to take your breath away. very refreshing!
...this morn, i sit having my brew while contemplating another short road trip. take it today or saturday. i'm headed on another road trip sunday, so i'm leaning for today. it's peaceful and quiet at the moment. i did finally read a message this morn from my daughter-in-law indicating her and my grandbaby may be visiting soon. will call her tonight to confirm. haven't talked with her in awhile. it'll be great to see them if they come this month. she's headed back 2 Arkansas and wasn't able initially to get here. so this is good news this morn. (the news actually arrived yesterday but MySpace wouldn't let me into the message-ugh!) anyways, i'll be anxiously waiting to talk to her tonight. could use sum joyful news right now.....anyways, i better get started if i'm hittin' the road. have a great day!

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