Wednesday, August 19, 2009

home sweet home

so I went to Las Golondrinas this past Sunday. finally another road trip. this place is an old colonial place preserved with people re-enacting that time period in the 1800s or so. it was a wonderful visit with Kit Carson's great grandson playing the part. it was a wonderful time and I have plenty of photos to share in the future entries. the above photo was inside one of the adobe houses. this is still somewhat a typical scene with sum of the homes here in New Mexico, minus a dirt floor. now it would most likely be a saltillo tile floor, or similar tiling. this photo was one of the few photos I was able to capture without the guarding rope showing. like the warmth this conveys. wish I was sitting there right now while I have my brew this morn. this place also sits on a back road in the quiet of nature. well worth the visit should you come this way. now sum more photos on the way....

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