Monday, August 10, 2009

knot sleeping

it's after midnight. for the 3rd night in a row, I'm knot sleeping. in the morn is Suzanne's Memorial service. I hope I can get up to get there in time. right now I'm waiting for the sleeping pill to kick in. passing time on the computer here catching up on blogs.....the above photo I took Saturday atop the Peak. I think I've posted this b4 but it's been awhile. really like this tree up there. there are others like it. it's call flagging, where the wind blows so hard from the southwest that the trees grow like this. adds character to the view....
.....this afternoon after a late lunch, I came home and napped. slept pretty darn hard too. like I hadn't slept in days. once awake I finished my book I picked up today, The Power of a Broken-Open Heart, Life-Affirming Wisdom from the Dying- Julie Interrante. Julie is our minister. I think this is her first book although she has contributed to a few others. I really liked this book. Good thoughts and insights in living from the experience she had while working with the dying. kept me in tears but perfect timing for me. I had pre-ordered the book and forgot they were coming in today. autographed with a copy of a cd from one of her services. I'm sure I was at that service, but will listen to it again. Being of Service was the topic for that Sunday (and cd). interesting considering what my contemplation has been about lately. anyways, and of course, I recommend this book. it's small but great wisdom. now the only question I have now is what book next? I have numerous I'd like to get done b4 class starting this month. but I know sum will have to wait until much laterz. right now i'll sleep on it....time 4 bed again.

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