Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Squirly Peak

went back 2 the Peak today for another hike. handful of people compared to Saturday. nice little hike. caught this lil' guy above here scoping out the territory b4 moving along. surprised I caught him for they're usually running too fast to get a look let alone a photograph. it's been a quiet day for me. I first stopped @ Western Mercantile wanting to do sum shopping. (I had already shopped online this morn). anyways, finally bought a nice leather clip on cell phone case. will post it here in a moment. it was the right price AND held my phone in place once I turned it upside down. I'm always bending over with the phone falling out of the case. so I'm happy with this purchase. now I don't have to carry my phone in my back jeans pocket. sittin' on it, I rarely heard it ring. after the buy, I headed for sum brunch on the side of the mountain. Cedar Point Grille where I always ate while residing on that side of the mountain. sat outside and continually saw the hummingbirds feed only 5ft away. camera was in the car and I figured I wouldn't capture them anyways for being so close. the slightest movement would have shooed them off. so I just enjoyed the moments they were there. so beautiful....now I'm home in the quiet still. not sure what I'll do. but it's been nice to have that time alone. yesterday was too much, even after the memorial. other than a 10minute stop at the church and one phone call, it's just been me today. much needed too. may take a road trip tomorrow. if knot, will do so this saturday. there's a place that's only an hour away i've been wanting to get to. they were closed today, otherwise i wood have went there. entry fee is free tomorrow, but saturday they have a special showing going on. so i'll think about it tonight....it's a beautiful day!

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